How do you keep your flora and ferns so colorful?

Everything I use is pressed and preserved naturally. Until it is used in a pendant or wall hanging, it sees very little sunlight. As you wear your piece, or as the hanging lives in your home, it will inevitably lighten over time from sun exposure. I personally love the natural evolution of the plants I use in my work and hope you will too!

What kind of metals do you use?

Although stained glass is traditionally made with lead, I choose to work exclusively with lead-free solder which generally contains a mix of tin, silver, copper and trace amounts of other metals. As far as chain goes, I only work with nickel-free metals.

Do you accept custom work?

Customs are not always available, so please inquire, but when I can I love making custom jewelry and hangings for people! I just ask you to remember that I am a one woman operation and customs take time. I also don't have unlimited access to botanicals, but will do my best to fulfill your wishes. I will say that the more creative liberty I am offered, the better the pieces will be ;). Custom hangings range from $250-$550. Shipping is hard for larger pieces so please keep in mind it may cost $80-$100 to ship your special piece.

Do you offer wholesale?

I accept wholesale orders on a case by case basis with a minimum initial order of $350.

Returns/ refunds?

I do not accept returns or refunds, so please make sure you love a piece before ordering!

Uh oh! My piece broke!

Okay, so as much as this breaks my heart, there is nothing I can do if the glass cracks. I can't melt the solder off and just replace one side of it, it's just not how it works unfortunately. However, if you have an issue with the chain or jump rings, I'm happy to fix them for free!

Domestic Shipping

I ship everything through USPS. All premade orders are shipped within one week of purchase. Necklaces usually only take a couple of days after shipping to arrive, wall hangings take a week or two. Shipping costs for hangings have unfortunatley gone up quite a bit and I've covered as much as I can, but keep in mind that the larger the piece the more it will cost to ship. I only hope that you'll love the hanging enough so as to not mind covering the shipping costs. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your support.

International Shipping

I will not ship large hangings internationally, there is just too much risk of the piece breaking and it will cost us both an arm and a leg. I am more than happy to ship necklaces internationally though!